Brighton Happy manifesto
Brighton Happy people point playful fingers


Our present way of living seems unsustainable as is. There's too much unnecessary angst, stress and negativity in the world which spills over into how we think and the way we live - and perceive - our lives, at work and at home. Absenteeism from stress, anxiety and depression is increasing; mental health issues are on the rise.

At the same time we believe that deep down, people strive to do good and were built to be happy - indeed, we know that everyone has a wonderful capacity for joy that's just waiting to be released, and we've seen it when people play our games.

Many of the games we play are designed to break down the barriers to happiness that the world - and too often, the workplace - puts up. This often rather negative way of seeing ourselves and others makes it harder to build relationships and work together to achieve common goals. Break that pattern and individuals, teams, entire companies, become more successful and more profitable.

We believe people want to view their colleagues with respect and warmth, they want things to be different, they want to understand and to be understood. Here at Brighton Happy we think we can - a bit like a stone tossed into still water - play a small part in that change. And the best bit? We believe that we can do it by playing games and having fun.

Thanks for taking the time to read our Manifesto - you didn't have to and we appreciate it.