Brighton Happy benefits of games
Brighton Happy laughing man


  • Build trust among the group
  • Foster real communication
  • Create lasting team spirit
  • Boost everyone's confidence
The result? After playing the Games, we find that people can be surprised at what they've learned about themselves and each other, and are more enthusiastic about working together as a team.
  • help you co-operate more effectively
  • see your co-workers - even those you've known for years - in a new or fresher light
  • help you accept people for who they are
  • make you feel part of a group, rather than a collection of individuals
  • make you more aware of others so you can adapt to the way they work
  • help you start afresh with co-workers you perhaps don't get on with as well as you'd like
  • make you think
  • help you understand when it's time to speak and when it's time to listen
  • inspire you to be more creative
  • encourage you to think inventively
  • develop dexterity and co-ordination
  • make your speech and movement more confident, and focus your mind more clearly